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SALE ends: April 25, 2019

Cozmo is self-charging and compatible with iPhone, iPad, Google Nexus, HTC, LG, and Samsung devices
Cozmo’s artificial intelligence gives him an interactive personality with hundreds of emotions that will continually develop as you play with him
Cozmo has facial expressions, reactive body language, voice tones, and a soundtrack that all bring him to amazing life
The Cozmo app has rich content that is constantly updating so that Cozmo’s skills, games, and personality to develop over time
3 interactive Power Cubes are included as toys for Cozmo and you to play with
Cozmo can play games like Quick Tap and Keep Away for hours of fun
Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery runs for 1-2 hours on a single charge
Constructed from over 300 pieces that have been carefully engineered and drop-tested for long-lasting use and durability
Treads allow Cozmo to move about
No assembly required, so he’s ready right from the box
Suitable for ages 8 and up

See, Cozmo doesn?t just move; he gets curious & explores. He doesn?t just learn; he plots & plans. He doesn?t just see you, he gets to know you. So call him self-aware, call him almost human. Just don?t call him a toy. He’s a supercomputer on treads. And he’s fun on a whole new level.


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